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What is tapioca?

Tapioca looks like bubbles, which gave bubble tea its name. Tapioca also has another name called Boba. It is made from cassava’s starch.


Normal tapioca is black in colour and pre-package. It’s chewy and sweet without any additional taste. But some stores make their own tapioca which varies in colours and flavours such as mango and sesame. Some stores even make brown sugar tapioca: tapioca that tastes like brown sugar. 

Tapioca is not difficult to cook, so if you’re craving for some tapioca now, you can follow the instructions below to cook it yourself. 


P.S. Pre-packaged tapioca can be found at Chinese supermarkets such as T&T and Foody Mart. 

Photo courtesy: BE Creative Media

How to cook tapioca?

Step 1:

Heat a pot of water and put the pre-packaged tapioca in when it's boiling.

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