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taste and tour: hotpot

Hotpot is a very famous dish in China, and it's more than just throwing everything into the pot. Watch our latest TASTE & TOUR video featuring one of the hottest hotpot restaurants in Toronto. We're gonna show you everything you need to know about hotpotting!

taste and tour: the alley

Ever wonder why The Alley tastes so good? We have the answer for you right here! And if you don't live near the Unionville location; don't worry! There are multiple  locations across the GTA. 

best of: samosas

Exploring Toronto's Yummiest Samosas! Peep Little Asia's first video, as we explore Toronto's best samosa spots; from Uzbekistan to India. Little Asia tries them all for you! 

Look forward to our publication launching in December! (Hint: More about samosas in the upcoming magazine/ website.)

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