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Toronto is a cultural mosaic. This is a well-known fact. There are people from cultures all over the world living in Toronto; including us, four women of various Pan-Asian origins. While growing up wasn’t without its issues, we’ve never felt far away from what we could find in our home countries. That’s because many Asian trends live in Toronto. Some of them are groundbreaking, changing the way Torontonians do things. But some of them are just heartbreaking. With these less than ideal conditions come ideas about the Pan-Asian identity that aren’t true.

A specific skin colour doesn’t dictate which cultural group you’re part of and neither does this skin colour disqualify you from being Asian. Being Asian doesn’t just mean being Chinese, that’s a stereotype. In fact, the word Chinese is often misinterpreted as it’s an umbrella term that houses different aspects.

This large group of cultural identities that make up Asia isn’t less inferior to any other cultural identity that Toronto houses. That’s what we want to show. In our first issue, we want people to look into the same window of pride that we do. We want our readers to celebrate their roots and feel proud to be Asian. 

This logo is an extension of our celebration. It symbolizes the sun that rises from our Eastern home countries and sets in the West. The interchangeability of our logo allows us to show the aspects that make up little asia, reflecting every Asian culture celebrated across the world. 

Happy reading.

With love,

little asia

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