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your guide

to the ultimate Pakistani food experience

step 1 

Understand the difference between Indian food and Pakistani food. Both cuisines are very similar and the debate of which cuisine is spicier, tastier and overall better will forever live on. But there are a couple of important difference to note.

The biggest: Pakistani food focuses on a variety of red meats while its Indian counterpart does not do so at the same degree. Another indicator is if a restaurant is modeled after the cuisine of a specific city.

step 2

Decide a price point. In Pakistani restaurants, you will be paying if you want to eat in a nice, comfortable atmosphere that’ll make the perfect backdrop for an Instagram photo.


The food is considerably more expensive then the hole-in-the-wall joints that serve up just as good, if not better, food. These joints may not give you the best backdrop and will more than likely be self-serving restaurants, but the taste is always worth it.

step 3

Ditch the knife and fork and try eating with your hands. Given, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But the experience of eating with your hands is unlike any other. Food somehow always ends up tasting better!

photo credit: Sebpowen (top right)

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