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little asia's




I really love their 'Sentimental Love Eau de Toilette 06 Azure Sky'. It's the perfect size to just throw in your bag, and spritz on whenever you want to freshen up on the go. 

And it's a light scent, it isn't overpowering at all - it reminds me of the scent of fresh clothes and clear skies after a rainy day.

Oh! And it's super cheap and affordable. It's a great travel sized perfume, and it's an awesome alternative to buying perfumes at Sephora that will cost three times as much!

This only cost me around six to seven dollars. As for the quality of the scent, and the lasting scent - you definitely get bang for your buck!



 I love the 0.7 ball point pen, and the 0.35 pen Hexa pen - those are the best! Any of their notebooks are great, the paper is smooth and your writing just glides on so easily.


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