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behind the story

Here, we share longer and more in-depth versions of the stories our sources shared.

How TIL came about - Umar Dar

How Tuesday in Love came about

Umar Dar is the CEO of Tuesday in Love. He is also the person who created the concept of water permeable nail polish. The idea was crafted from a combination of curiosity and love. Listen to the extended interview clip to learn why he created water permeable nail polish and how the name of the company came about.

Learning to love your skin colour 

Mathusha Thurairajasingam is a beauty influencer who has over 70,000 followers on Instagram. She has become an advocate to her followers, urging them to embrace all the things they see as deficits; including their skin tone. In an extended interview clip, listen to what she has to say on how colourism affected her and what’s she’s doing to help people who are in the position she once was.

Learnign to love your skin - Mathusha Thurairajasingam
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